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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  March 6, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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>> america's nanny mayor, michael bloomberg can't help himself from restricting how much salt new yorkers can consume, baby formula and waging a war on trans fat and
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considering outlawing happy hour. that's not going to make a lot of people happy. apparently there's no ingredient, no activity, no object that this overreaching billionaire doesn't think he can regulate. and thanks to the new york post we can confirm that the list is expanding once again and will include loud head phones, and ear buds like this. that's right, nanny bloomberg is setting aside $250,000 taxpayer dollars and bank role what his health department is calling hearing loss prevention media campaign. all designed to help discourage young people from blaring justin bieber and taylor swift at levels that could lead to hearing loss. i can say as a salt lover, somebody who thinks you should be be able to enjoy a big gulp whenever you want and even though i've lost a lot of of hearing from radio and television, if you're worried about that, don't go into this business, less competition for me. that's all the time we have left this evening. as always, thanks for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. greta is next to go on the
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record. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. >> . >> greta: this is a fox news alert and more than ten hours and counting, senator rand paul launching an old-fashioned filibuster on the senate floor. and this hour,'s he still going. right now senator john barrasso is giving him a little bit of a break, but trying to delay the confirmation of cia director nominee john brennan. senator paul using the filibuster to protest president obama's authority to kill americans with drones. senators from both parties have been helping the senator out and his filibuster shaping up to be one of the longest in just history. former speaker of the house newt gingrich joins us. your thoughts on seeing the filibuster? >> i'm proud of rand paul. i'm proud of him for standing up for the rights of the americans and the constitution and i'm proud of him for pushing the senate and actually having a genuine
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filibuster, which is the right of a senator. and i'm proud of him for getting all of us, as you are tonight, to pay some attention. this is a serious question. we have evolved into a world where the president of the united states basically signs off on killing people, on a remarkable frequency, and the question is whether or not that can, a, ever be applied domestically and b, whether to americans unless they're enemy combatants. it's worthy of a law with that kind after decision. we don't want to give anybody power to kill an american citizen without due process of law. >> greta: are you surprised that the senators have rallied up to help him out. senator rubio, senator barrasso, senator widen, a democrat, and a body of a hundred senators. >> well, i think more will come in and i think courage ultimately attracts others,
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and i think that rand paul is showing a level of courage that's historic and that will be remembered for a long time. i mean, if you're a civil libertarian liberal or if you're a constitutionalist conservative, both wings have to be proud of rand paul standing up for the constitutional rights. >> greta: who likes these drones, giving the president power without any sort of a check or any sort of an authority. there's some question we'll discuss it later where it says, he talks about imminent. an imminent being defined very broadly. >> the imminent tool is nonsense. if you read carefully what the white house spokesman said, there are no practical rules here except the president or his designee. presidents don't say let me spend the next few hours studying this. they delegate to somebody who walks in and says let's kill this guy and i think most of the killings have been legitimate. but i think as a long-term pattern, it's amazingly dangerous, and there ought to be a set of procedures, i
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think, senator feinstein, a democrat, has been exactly right to demand information. >> greta: but she's not helping out. there are a lot of people, a lot of senators who are not -- we assume the senators who aren't there helping senator rand paul to be in support of the drone program or the-- >> no, i think a lot of of senators who are watching tonight in amazement, i don't remember, you may know, i don't remember the last time there was a genuine filibuster. this is a very healthy thing. >> greta: and where are the rest. >> huh. >> greta: where are are the rest, we're used to the ones who are there, this drone program, and giving the president authority. >> not necessarily, a lot of folks, this is not their style. >> greta: what they let it it go. >> no, they're just not comfortable. >> greta: what, standing up for issues? >> i don't want to go quite that far. >> greta: come on. >> i was in, once upon a time, one of the most aggressive floor debaters in the u.s.
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house. >> greta: you've got to be kidding. >> there were at least 400 members of the house who thought i was crazy because think just couldn't imagine doing that. but i believe what rand paul is doing is both historic and procedure for the senate and historic in reading the constitution of the country and i commend him for this, but as you yourself said, he's beginning to gradually attract a bipartisan group. >> greta: if he sits down, it's over. the minute he sits down-- >> and somebody else, if he yields time, that's why senator barrasso came in to help him. to take a bathroom break or something, a friend to talk for a while. >> someone in the green room said he couldn't go to the bathroom. >> i think he'll yield to barrasso for a few minutes. >> greta: and we're commenting on the bathroom breaks, i'll take that one. and speaker gingrich, right now, i want to ask you about something else. the republicans insist the president tried to make sure
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the sequester cuts are as painful as possible. and a department e-mail seems somewhat to back up that claim. and an e-mail says how much latitude does he have making cuts. this is from the office. >> however you manage that reduction, you have to make sure you're not contradicting what we said the impact would be. your thought on that e-mail? >> i think, first of all, the obama strategy was maximum pain for political gain and i think he's been caught in it. i think it's hurt his popularity dramatically. it's going to get worse. and i don't think the ag department memo is the most amazing. the most amazing is closing the white house tour. here you have a president who spends 900,000 of your money
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going on a golf vacation and all starts coming to the white house and one we're going to cut is your tour. >> greta: it's funny, i talked with some people involved with the tours and very different perspective from the inside and they need to figure out what they could cut because they may have to do overtime, for instance, for other departments and seemed like that would be a good place there. the funny thing about it the people who are complaining aren't people like you and outside, but actually people in the white house who are complaining because they have relatives coming into town or they have got conference-- a squeeze play on the people doing the tours from the white house from within and from without, but i mean, they're trying to figure out a solution and this is the poster child. >> two quick observations, speaker john boehner made the correct point that the the house prepared for the sequester and they're not slowing down any tours at the capitol because they've thought it through and done the right thing to protect the american people. second, i think if the white house would tell us how much it costs, i suspect we could find three or four people who would put up the price. we can subsidize the tours.
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the-- >> and are you announcing tonight you'll start a fund for tours to the white house. >> if the white house tells us how much it takes, we'll raise the money to enable the white house tours to continue period. i have no doubt about this. because it's silly. of all the things that you could cut in the white house, whether it's the chef, i mean, tonight the president is taking a bunch of guys over to the jefferson for an expensive dinner. >> greta: one of the greatest hotel in washington, great hotel. >> i'm not against going to the jefferson. >> greta: he's paying for it, by the way. >> personally. >> greta: that's what i'm told. at least in our computer, we have urgent in the computer says he was. >> the president is personally paying for it. >> greta: i was surprised. >> this is wonderful. >> greta: maybe that's wrong. >> maybe he'd like to reimburse, 900,000 for his golf vacation and apply that to keeping the white house tires. >> greta: let me go to something else. you were talking to laura ingraham and made a crack with cpac, you're not a big fan of
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cpac anymore? >> i'm going to speak there i think that cpac serves an important function, but i think it's lost some of its ideological edge and focus and i don't understand some of its decisions. >> greta: ayou're going booed if you stay this stuff before you speak? >> i don't operate out of fear. cpac attracts a lot of young people and a dynamic place for the future, but if you look at cpac in the '70s, they had a clear sense of mission, a clear sense of purpose, one of ronald reagan's most important speeches was given in february of 1975 at cpac when he said we need bold colors and not pa pale pastels and i'm looking forward to jeb bush's speeches friday night and hope he ranches that standard, that's the ronald reagan dinner. i'll give you an example, chris christie, i can criticize him, i don't think he should have hugged the president that much. but the fact in a very
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democratic state with a strong state employees union chris christie has shown enormous courage and done things that are remarkable. >> greta: he was a keynote speaker last year, but with-- >> i don't understand why they he didn't invite him back. >> greta: governor mcdonnell is not speaking either. >> that doesn't make sense. the government mcdonnell is a very popular governor of virginia who you can argue about his transportation plan, but overall, he's been a terrific conservative. so that's why i just raise questions and i don't understand the internal dynamics of cpac, who is in charge and how they make their decisions, but some of them i would frankly question. >> greta: you mentioned governor jeb bush, is this sort of a coming out party for him? are we going to see him -- is this a 2016 signal? >> it might be, but 2016 is so far away. >> greta: no, it's not. >> i know it's not for you, but it is for the real world. >> greta: the real world, where do i live? >> in the world of washington
7:12 pm
media. the second the election is over, we've got to worry about the next one. jeb bush is a talented person, governor of florida and important part of the evolution of the republican party. i think it's great that he's going to be involved and i also think there's going to be a lot of competent aggressive people running, whether it's from his home state, marco rubio or john kasich or scott walker, or raprand paul you're watching tonight, 2016. >> greta: any women in that mix? >> i think you could see susanna martinez from new mexico, nikki haley and kelly ayotte, the senator from new hampshire. >> greta: you mentioned florida, governor rick scott has decided to expand the medicaid, which after he said he wouldn't and i think that governor chris christie like-wise, i can't remember, but does governor rick perry says he's not taking it. >> you know, the great thing
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about the federalist system is that 50 governors have to make decisions from 50 states. i would-- my bias is with rick perry, but i don't second guess a governor of a state who makes a decision that he thinks is right for his state. that's why you have a federalist system and that's why the 10th amendment is important. we'll see over the next four or five years which person made the right decision. >> greta: at the dinner tonight that was in washington that we just spoke about at the jefferson hotel. speaker boehner and senator mcconnell, both republican leaders, weren't invited. >> i don't think that's bad. i mean, i went to a lot of dinners with bill clinton, when he didn't necessarily have leaders invited, when i was the whip. >> greta: were you a leader. >> back when i was the whip we had dinners that didn't involve the rest of leadership. anything which increases a bipartisan conversation on the city is helpful.
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i hope this is a useful dinner. my only hope is that the president listened as much as he talked and that he thought later about what he heard. we have to break out of the current gridlock to be a healthy country. that's going to require both sides listening to the other. and if this dinner helps-- look, what i didn't understand as handily, why they didn't meet at the white house, i don't know if that was the republican request. >> i don't know if it's a sequester issue, maybe the chef, maybe furloughed. >> if the chef were laid off i'm sure we'd be able to do the white house tours. >> greta: and you say that-- >> because the white house is a great historic site. in my experience every time i went to see a president at the white house, whether it was-- and started with jimmy carter through several presidencies, it's pretty impressive and a pretty powerful place to be and presidents are great hosts and the white house is a great venue. so, i didn't quite know why you would leave the white house to go to a hotel. but maybe the republicans felt better not being on the
7:15 pm
president's grounds and wanted to be in a neutral site. >> i thought it was interesting, i mean, we're now into the second term that the president has, and he's had beer summits in the early days and different events, but it was, he sent senator biden up at the end of the year having to do with the tax increase and it was so apparent to me that he had no relationship with anyone on capitol hill, had to outsource it to the vice-president who has a fantastic relationship on capitol hill. he served in the u.s. senate. i wonder if he suddenly realizing that it's important to get more things done in in town, if you're not mortal enemies, if you make friends? >> you know, i think they made a rush at trying to break the sequester. they failed. i think the polling numbers have collapsed for the president pretty dramatically, 13 points in two weeks and i suspect that, you know, we better figure out a new dance 'cause this one ain't working and i think it's a better -- it's a healthier dance for america, if you get democrats and republicans actually
7:16 pm
talking honestly with each other and it might lead to some significant break throughs in a way that could be very powerful. >> greta: which is the stronger party? i realize it's a democratic party. who is the stronger party? >> you know, what's strongest is the american people and i don't mean that-- >> and they keep electing the same log jam. >> no, i don't see this in a casual way, as be who's been at this business since august of 1958. >> greta: who's counting? >> the american people have the ability ultimately in 2006 they punished republicans. in 2010 they punished the democrats. they have enormous capacity to send messages when they get their back up and get angry. the two parties are very balanced. republicans have 30 governors, 315 electoral votes, 24 states where they have the governors and the legislature. 51% of the country. they have control of the u.s. house. the president has the senate, and he won the presidency. so, there's an interesting balance of the two parties right now and i think the
7:17 pm
party which breaks loose from this which will happen eventually will be the party that looks to the future, listens to the american people and offers innovative solutions. it won't be an anti-obama republican party and it won't be an anti-republican obama party. it will be a party that puts the american people first and which ever party figures that formula out first is going to end up as the governing majority. >> greta: it seems that both parties are sort of angling for the hispanic vote. the democratic party already having-- not looking toward the future and i know you've written paper and talking about the future and looking towards new ideas and big ideas, but the two parties said, trying to be, you know, cutting up the pie and seeing the republicans are trying to do it, scramble to get the hispanic vote and the democrats already have it. >> no question about it. and the-- it's like playing king of the hill and on the top of the hill. democrats have the advantage of asian americans, latino americans, native americans. if they contain this advantage the at the current rate they
7:18 pm
will be the majority party no matter what happens with republican. on the other hand, i want to give chairman previs a shoutout. an aggressive program underway and serious about it and beginning to get across to republicans, you have to go visit to people and listen to people and learn from people and if you can do that i think we can get our share of the vote up dramatically. >> greta: i remember prior to the last go-round, you went up to michigan and talking to the democrats and republicans on education and on the campaign, going around the country and doing new solutions, new ideas, all of those things and trying to talk to both sides of the aisle and didn't work out too well. >> look, i think that's a different environment because if you're outspent 5-1 as i was in florida, doesn't matter what your ideas are, you're going to be drown. in the long run for the party, if you look for the governors who are successful, senators who are successful, they're very much oriented to serving the american people and said,
7:19 pm
well, if you look at nikki haley and susanna martinez we have a great potential future as a party and i think that the challenge for the party is to recognize the old republican party isn't going to get there. you have to really rethink the world we're in. you have to understand the 21st century and i think you have to forget red versus blue, get rid of the consultants who don't understand it and focus on serving 311 million people. >> greta: and i know it's a dopey question, but always ask and curious whether or not you'd be interested in running again. ask me that in january of 2015. >> greta: so it's not a no? >> it's not a no. >> greta: not a no. speaker, always nice to see you. >> fun to be with you. >> greta: nice to see you. and what do you think, is president obama trying to make the sequester as painful as possible for political reasons? go to and tell us. and straight ahead is speaker of the house john boehner going to have to start mopping floors? well, he might. we'll tell you. and the fact check the president and student takes
7:20 pm
teachers to task on twitter and the teachers revenge is coming up and breaking news, this is still going, looking live at the senate floor, filibuster, rand paul is still going and other senators are helping him out. one of those are next. >> senator from kentucky and i have several more. it's not what you think. it's a phoenix with 4 wheels. it's a hawk with night vision goggles. it's marching to the beat of a different drum. and where beauty meets brains. it's big ideas with smaller footprints. and knowing there's always more in the world to see. it's the all-new lincoln mkz. a confident retirement. those dreams have taken a beating lately. but no way we're going to let them die.
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>> this is a fox news alert. . >> power corrupts absolutely. it is for that reason that the framers of our constitution did what the supreme court has described as splitting the atom of sovereignty. taking what used to be one discrete indivisible concept of power and sovereignty and breaking it up, breaking it up between the three branches of the federal government. >> greta: that of course is senator ted cruz, junior senator from the state of texas helping out with senator rand paul was in his 10th hour of this filibuster. we haven't seen that in a real long time. an old-fashioned filibuster in the u.s. senate and senator paul stalling the confirmation of cia director nominee john brennan over concerns about the legality of u.s. drone strikes on u.s. oil and the power of the filibuster.
7:25 pm
>> i rise today to filibuster john brennan's nomination to the cia. i will speak until i can no longer speak, but i certainly wanted to apply here. if you're engaged in combat overseas you don't get due process. and he could have said, well, the military at some point in time, you know, has to repel his nation, but i might. if that's the standard we're going to live under, we have a great danger in our country, it's not about relinquishing the floor, i would like to hear a few comments from senator lee. >> what i encountered in connection with that, i expressed frustration to the attorney general over the fact that members-- >> i don't yield the floor, but acknowledge a question to the chair. i'd like to ask your reactions to the testimony of the attorney general. >> senator from kansas without yielding the floor if i can. >> most americans would find it repulsive-- >> and mr. president, at the time i would entertain a question without yielding the
7:26 pm
floor from the senator of oregon. >> of an extraordinary threat to our country. >> i would yield, without yeeding the floor for another question. >> and this will probably be my last question before i get to it, let me just say that all the other senators and i know some-- >> i have problem talking for a long time. done a time or-- >> to the legality of the authorization, and mr. president, i'd like to thank the senator from texas for coming to the floor and cheering me up. i was getting kind of tired and i appreciate bringing news from the outside world. >> greta: well, he's still going with a little help from his friends. senator ted cruz of course is still on the floor with senator paul now and senator mike lee was there earlier and senator mike lee joins us. >> good evening. >> greta: and senator paul, since 11 this morning.
7:27 pm
>> it's tough to go that long and he's a fighter and doing everything he can to make his point. >> greta: what is the point, what does he want? >> what he wants is assurance from this administration, from president obama to the effect that he will not authorize any lethal drone strikes on american citizens on u.s. soil. >> greta: and has the administration said that they might or maybe or won't or what's the administration's response been? >> well, the administration so far has been to give a series of somewhat ambiguous answers, answers that don't get to the heart of the matter. answers to the effect, well, we probably won't do that, or we might not do it and it doesn't seem likely that we'll do it, but maybe we will, under certain circumstances and that has made senator paul nervous, so much so that he has felt the need to continue this protest through this lengthy filibuster. >> greta: you've gotten into it and i understand you like the word imminent the way-- >> the way it's used in the
7:28 pm
white paper by the obama administration's department of justice. >> the explanation. >> the legal explanation how it works, undoes the concept of iminence and. >> greta: did you know that rand paul was going to do the filibuster? >> i didn't know prior to today. >> greta: this is spontaneous for you at least? me it was. i'm not sure whether rand paul knew yesterday he was going to do it. but i didn't if he did. >> greta: a lot of republicans, not a lot, but a handful of republicans have been down there asking questions and keep the floor going and they ask questions, but senator weiden from the state of florida showed up on the floor. were you surprised? >> no, not at all. i was not surprised. the senator is a man of principle and he's worked with me and with rand paul on a number of occasions, on issues related to the individual liberties of american
7:29 pm
citizens. he believes strongly in these issues so i was not a bit surprised when he came to rand paul's support. >> if the administration said tonight we're not going to use drones on domestic soil against americans ever, would that satisfy you? >> it'd be over. >> greta: it would be over. >> it would end right now if the white house called with that assurance. >> greta: and do i -- and i don't know quite how to interpret it, but there's probably about six senators that have been involved in this so far today, give or take a few. what do the other members of the u.s. senate think about the drone program, domestically against u.s. citizens? >> i don't know. you know, i'm always reluctant to speak for any other senators. i suspect that there are some who are really concerned, but have remained silent. maybe there others who aren't at all. >> greta: you don't find silence interesting? >> silence is an interesting thing. some don't want to participate in a filibuster. the longer this drags on, the more senators, i think, will be coming to rand paul's aid
7:30 pm
not just because this is an appealing point, but also because it's a point that's popular with our constituents in every state. and also, because we feel bad for rand paul having to speak for that long without interruption. >> greta: just to clarify, if he sits down in the u.s. senate this is over. >> that's right, he can't sit down, not even for a moment. he can't leave the floor, not even to use the restroom, not even for a moment. >> greta: how long do you think he can last? >> rand is a fighter, you know, who knows? the record for an individual filibuster in the the united states senate is 24 hours and 18 minutes. and i wouldn't put it past rand paul to be able to break that. >> greta: and tell me that when you were speaking, he was just sort of pacing back and forth, he couldn't sit down, pacing. >> trying to keep the energy up and the boredom and monotony of standing in place. >> greta: and rand fall is still going, i don't know if he's going strong, but help from his colleagues.
7:31 pm
senator, thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> greta: coming up president obama having a dinner party and what a guest list he had tonight. g.o.p. senators, but not everyone was invited. senator ron johnson was there and he's here, that's next. and a student takes to twit tower scold his teacher, but the teacher not amused and this, you'll see it coming up. t that can be taken with or without food. my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption. by the armful? by the barrelful? e carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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>> an unusual guest list at a washington dinner party tonight. the host, president obama. and the guests, 12 g.o.p. senators.
7:35 pm
now, why did the president invite the republicans to dinner and what did they talk about? senator ron johnson was there. >> how are you doing. >> greta: very well. speaker boehner and minority leader mitch mcconnell were not at the dinner. >> right. >> greta: how close were you to the president at the table. >> about as far as away from you, as i am from you, so, it was pretty intimate gathering. there were 12 senators present and staff members, it was open, honest sincere general discussion of issues. >> greta: what did you talk about. >> primarily talking about the budget issues, reform. and the issues that we're going to have to discuss and gain agreement on if we're going to put this country on a sustainable path. it wasn't a negotiation, it was really an open discussion of all the issues that we have to, you know, really work on. >> greta: did he say anything that surprised you? >> not really, we all know the
7:36 pm
elements of the problem. particularly entitlement we talked about, it's not rocket science. we know what we have to deal with. it's a matter of coming to terms. i think we talked about tax reform as being, you know, great. a wider variety of variables there in terms of trying to grapple with that issue. >> this is the great town to talk and harder to get anything to do. did you talk about how you're actually going to accomplish the principles on which you have a common ground? >> we talked about having to establish a process to move forward and i got the sense that president obama is probably planning on doing something a similar gathering with some democratic senators and he seemed very sincere in and engaged in the process and members of the administration to help us really work on, you know, the different elements of a solution to the problem. >> greta: why do you think the leaders of the two houses weren't there in the republican party? >> well, he met with them on friday and he told us they had
7:37 pm
pretty good discussions on friday, but, you know, it's going to be more than just the leadership and from my standpoint this has got to be an open process. it's fine to, you know, to go out and have dinner in private, but eventually, all of these issues are going to have to be debated on on committees on the floor of the senate and very open process. these are very serious issues and the american people deserve to be part of that debate. >> greta: i guess, i mean, i don't mean to be cynical, but we sedeserved this a long time ago. you guys got together with dinner and if it works, terrific, take a deep breath and thank you all and wonderful, but it's hard in light of what's transpired in the past not to be a little sour and seeing the president and senators going out to dinner and a photo op trying to get a video. you've known about this since august of 2011 this critical mass that we're facing. >> i understand and obviously i'd like this happening two
7:38 pm
years ago, but it has to senator somewhere. the fact is neither side is going away. if we're going to solve these problems it's going to have to get done on a bipartisan basis and the only way to get started develop the trust and the relationships and one of my points was, in the negotiation, i always spent a lot of time ferreting out, deciding what we agree on. let's spend a fair amount of time. what do we agree on before you really start getting into the disagreements. it's amazing how much easier it is than to get over the hurdles with the disagreement. that he is one of my inputs and the other one if we're talking about tax reform. i was saying, let's throw the tax code out and talk about something dramatic. which is nibble around the edges and we have the special interests and trying to preserve their special treatments so, you know, let's think outside the box and let's think about a new paradigm there. >> and did he suggest to throw the tax code out? >> again, we talked about the enormous challenge of doing that and we also talked about the time frame we have to really work on this. i think we all recognize that,
7:39 pm
you know, the president's second term, you only have so much time and so, there is a certain amount of -- we have to start doing this and so --. >> you know, i can't help, but think, i wish you'd started a lot earlier. >> we all do. >> i know-- >>, but better late than never. >> no, no, better late than never, but for starters you've got a recess coming up and you can send a message to the american people if you blew up your recess and started work on some of the issues. >> i'd be happy to stick around. >> and a the lot are doing stuff for constituents, but i think that you owe a good message to the american people, now. >> well, i'm willing to stay as long and work as hard to solve these problems, greta. >> greta: i know you do. thank you so much to senator johnson as i always add from the great state of wisconsin. >> absolutely, great day. >> greta: well, get ready. going to mean hundreds of thousands of job loss, that's
7:40 pm
real. we're not making that up. that's not a scare tactic, that's a fact. >> greta: airport security cutbacks and teacher layoffs and pay cuts for janitors. how many of the president's predictions have come true? any the at all? and what's next for the pursuit of happiness, one man could go to jail for laughing too loudly. and you decide if he should have been locked up in just two minutes. (laughter) this is so sick! i can't believe your mom let you take her car out. this is awesome! whoooo! you're crazy. go faster! go faster! go faster! go faster! no! stop...stop... go(mom) i rais my son to bester! careful... hi, sweetie. hi, mom. (mom) but just to be safe... i got a subaru. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru.
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7:43 pm
say they could hear him outside. police issued the man two summons, each one $250 fine or 15 days in jail. what's the man's defense. he says his neighbor makes fun of him because he's disabled and deals with the taunting by laughing it off. his lawyer says it's not a crime to laugh. now, we want to hear from you, but first, listen to that laugh. (laughter) >> okay. go to and tell us right now, is that case laughable or not? we're back in two minutes. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph, like needingo go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medications, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sexual activity. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain,
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7:45 pm
>> starting tomorrow everybody here, all the folks who are cleaning the floors at the capitol. now that congress has left, somebody is going to be vacuuming and cleaning those floors and throwing out the garbage. they're going to have less pay. the janitors, the security guards, they just got a pay
7:46 pm
cut and they got to figure out how to manage that, that's real. >> greta: president obama warning that janitors will be among the americans feeling the pain from the the sequester, but is the president's warning about a pay cut true? "the washington post" says, no, not even close, four pinochios from the paper for that one and the obama claims about the sequester that has not quite come true. and director rick cline joins us. >> greta. >> greta: is there a credibility here at the white house? >> there is. and some of the claims made about the sequester strains credulity. right now it's based on feeling the pain and lobbying members to do something about it, to reverse it. when you have not just the president, but cabinet secretary making claims that hasn't entirely added up and explaining what the all impacts of the cuts are? >> there's two problems, one is in all of their predictions and you make mention about the
7:47 pm
one about education. >> yeah. >> with arne duncan, secretary duncan, that was really bad. turns out that was-- >> right. >> greta: does it turn out they're incompetent and don't know the impact of their policies, which is really bad or they're deliberately misleading the american people about the policies. take your pick, both are lousy. >> my sense is they're looking for examples that makes it seem very bad and that they've tried to dramaticize that and the examples haven't come true and may over time. there may be teachers who lose their jobs and janitors that have cuts in pay, but those things haven't happened yet. you've seen the white house have to walk back some of the claims. and their credibility, they have to be making the case that this is real, that the government needs this funding that 85 billion dollars is a cut too far and therefore, you have to tell your members of congress to do something about it.
7:48 pm
>> greta: but the president of the united states is saying these things that are wrong, and getting four pinochios. press secretary jay carney says that people are having to he depend on overtime to make ends meet and now not getting overtime and turns out overtime average 6.50 a week on top of wages and aren't having to depend on overtime to make ends meet for $6.50. and tell me one that they're right on. >> well, the president, and he's caught in a tough spot. he's on the record saying he wants people to feel this. and at the same time he's head of the administration carrying these things out. if you believe everything the administration has said we would have more forest fires, nuclear deaths, delays in meat processing, wouldn't get beef or chicken at the grocery store. all of these could happen potentially overtime, but hard to play out real time for people. >> crying wolf makes you look selley. >> that's right.
7:49 pm
>> greta: so are they going to have to pay the piper on this at all? >> i don't know if we're going to know the full impact of the sequester for quite some time. it's clear it's here for a while. >> greta: today they're wrong. >> clearly. >> greta: either they don't know the effects of the policies today or deliberately misleading today. that's the option. >> clearly, clearly they've gone too far in describing the impact. >> greta: a great way to put it. >> you have the president and cabinet secretary who say things that haven't been true at least not yet and then you have the cuts they're doing, canceling white house tours, lots of folks on capitol hill are blowing back on that and saying it seems it's politically motivated and now you're putting every congressional office in the the position to call their open constituents, people coming here and sorry, little suzie can't see the white house when she comes here on spring break. >> greta: thanks. >> thanks, greta. >> greta: and the woman accused of murdering her ex-boyfriend in the shower and the jury gave jodi arias questions and the accused killer tried to answer them.
7:50 pm
>> remember so many of your sexual encounters, including your ex-boyfriend's, but you do not remember stabbing travis and dragging his body? >> well, as far as what happened on june 4th, i don't know how the mind works necessarily, but i know that that was the most traumatic experience of my life and outside of those blanks and the ones that i have mentioned, alcohol related when i was a teenager, i don't have other blackouts that i can recall my memory gets foggy when it gets stressful. i think i have a good memory. >> during cross examination, you were asked whether you were crying when you stabbed travis. and you said no. how do you know that if you had a memory gap at that time? >> i think that was misunderstood. i said i don't know and i know i was probably crying when i
7:51 pm
said that and maybe i didn't speak up clearly enough, but i said i don't know, not know. >> how do you determine when you will tell the truth and not tell the truth, what are the determining factors? >> anything that related back to my involvement in travis' death or-- in any way i covered up or attempt today cover up. so, the lies that i told after all of this happened were direct related to those two main things. >> greta: arias takes more questions from the jury tomorrow and now it's your turn. if you could ask arias one question what would it be? go to and tell us that question. and next fiery explosions, but not on capitol hill. wait until you see this one.
7:52 pm
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>> looks like dennis rodman is already packing his bags for north korea again. tmz tweeting dennis rodman returning to north korea to broker a peace deal. the nba star announcing his second trip to the country in
7:56 pm
the next six months and he just returned after meeting with kim jong un and rodman says he wants to set the stage for a peace deal. a student learning social media etiquette. if you're going to tweet about your teacher at least get your facts right. otherwise this could happen. a student got angry about a test at school and tweeted, i hate you mr. torrence you said the test was on wednesday, give it to us on wednesday, not a tuesday. hash tag calendar. and two problems, the teacher saw the text and the test was always on tuesday. and showed the tweet to the entire class. and now bloomberg wants to talk your noisy head phones and new york city is set to launch a social media campaign. the mayor wants to warn about going deaf from loud music and
7:57 pm
head phones. hearing loss as soared 30% in teens. did you hear that? and associated press tweeting, italy's mt. etna shooting out hot lava and hot ash. the volcano erupting last night, that amazing sight caught on camera. and tweet your posts and don't forget to follow me on tw twitter @greta wire. it's been a long night for rand paul, but senator marco rubio has some advice for him next. c-max go. c-max give a ride to everyone it knows. c max has more passenger volume than competitor prius v # # s better mpg. say hi to the super fuel efficient ford c-max hybrid.
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